SEISEKI Santa Claus Marathon vol.3





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The Event Date:December 13th (Sun)

            *No postponement for rain

The Place:Ichinomiya Park

         1049 Ichinomiya, Tama



Categories   Join us!

【Relay Marathon】

 The Three hours endurance race for the groups  * see Rules


  Enable to run longer than three hours, as a group of four to ten healthy people.

  The participants have to be older than thirteen.

  Santa Claus costumes are required. * see The Costume restrictions




 Babies run and walk for 42.195 METERS


  Opens for all kids ‘runners and walkers aged under five.

  No strollers. Parents and adult can accompany them.

  Santa Claus costumes are required. *see The costume restrictions




【Santa Claus family relay- parent and child 】

 A pair of a child and an adult relay for 1.25km times Two


 The relay starts from the children. Each runner runs a total of 1.25 km, within 20 minutes.

 Group A: 9 years - 12 years old with an adult.

 Group B: 6 years - 9 years old with an adult.






Event Entry    Entries are open for the 2015!


The date of entries: September 10th 2015~ November 10th 2015


How to entry: By on line “Runnet” *


Entry Fees: Relay marathon 4320yen / person

                             Hiyoko  1000yen

                     Family relay  3000yen / pair


・The bank charges must be paid by the participant.

・Santa Claus costumes are arrangeable for 1000 yen. Just choose “Options” when you enter on line.


Award:⚫︎Top 3 teams in each categories!

            ⚫︎The Best Santa Claus costume award!


Participation Award: All the participants will be given a prize

【Relay】           An certificate of Completion

                         A team photograph will be taken by a professional

                     An original novelty ( Gloves 2014)


【Hiyoko】         A photograph will be taken by a professional


【Family relay】 An Identification of Completion

                        A pair photograph will be taken by a professional



Rules for the Category 【Relay】


  • A group must have more than four members less than ten.

  • When one completes one section (2.5 km) they then pass the baton to the next runner.  Running continuously is also allowed.

  • The baton has to be passed at the designated area.

  • The race ends on the 3 hour mark. The total distance traveled determines the victory.

  • The substitute runner may become a target of disqualification.

  • If asserting an inadequacy or danger during a run, the race can be discontinued.




 Health and Safety, Rules and the Fine Print

-In order to insure the safety of its participants, we limit in the number of participants in each category. We will close the list when the number of applicants reaches the quota. No wheelchairs are allowed in any track.

-We prohibit the use of the fire in the park except the approved branch shops and food stands.

-Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the park.

-Please cooperate with the classification of the garbage when disposing of your trash.  

-Please use free space in consideration for the others. No tent larger than the size of 2.0 meters is allowed in this area.

-We insist that all participants follow the instructions of the staff in order to maintain the safety for all time.

-Administration will not take responsibility for any injury or accident that takes place outside the race. No announcements will be made for lost children during the race.

-Please read carefully the participant declaration to be signed upon entry. Make sure to share a copy of it to all the participants in the group.