6th Annual Seiseki Santa Relay Marathon

Date: 16 December 2018  *Rain or shine

Place: Tama Ichinomiya Park 

(Tokyo, Tama City, Ichinomiya 1049)

(5 minutes walk from Seiseki Sakuragaoka Station)

Participation Categories


4 OCTOBER 2018

~25 NOVEMBER 2018


Relay Rules

  1. Teams must have four to ten members. 

  2. After running one leg of the relay (2.5km) participants must pass the baton to the next runner. Runners may complete more than one leg in succession.

  3. The baton must be passed in the designated area.

  4. The race ends at the three-hour mark. The total distance run will determine the winning teams.

  5. Unregistered runners will result in the team’s disqualification.

  6. Runners dressed inappropriately or presenting a danger to others will not be allowed to run.

Please be Aware:

  1. Due to safety considerations participation is limited. Once the maximum number of entrants is met, entry will close.

  2. Due to safety considerations, wheel chair participation is not possible.

  3. Use of flames in the event areas is prohibited with the exception of approved retailers. 

  4. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the park.

  5. Please separate trash into the appropriate bin.

  6. Please consider other participants in your use free space (e.g., tents larger than 2 meters are prohibited.

  7. Participants must follow safety instructions provided by staff and volunteers.

  8. We are not responsible for injuries during the event. Please understand that during the race we are unable to make announcements—such as missing children—during the race.

  9. Team leaders are responsible for reading and ensuring all team members are aware of and comply with the race’s rules and regulations.