Dress code

【Please Understand】


As this is a Santa Relay Marathon, we ask you to participate wearing a complete Santa costume.  It is particularly important for the first and last runners to be in full costume. We appreciate your cooperation.

Dress Code Guidelines



Best:  Complete Santa costume (Red)

Good: Red Santa hat, red Jacket, and red, white or black pants

Good: Red Santa hat, white t-shirt, red pants

Good: No hat, red Santa jacket, red or white pants, or black tights

Good: No hat, Santa jacket and pants

Unacceptable: Clothing not related to the theme,  no hat, and/or only red t-shirt.



As there is more variety available for women, please choose costume after reading through the guidelines for men.    



  1. Red skirt with black tights,   

  2. Mrs. Claus costume


Prohibited Clothing Items:

Santa Claus costumes that are not red

Clothing with main colors other than red, white, or black.


*Please note in the photo above, the tree costume is unacceptable. Participants dressed in this manner will be asked to change.

Best Santa Contest


One male and one female contest will be awarded the Best Santa prize. Last year’s winner’s had a special order costume. Good Luck, we look forward to seeing this year’s participants create!


Please note in the photo above, the blue costume was an exception, made for the event’s main sponsor. Participants dressed in this manner will be asked to change


+In order to aid participants in running faster, the Santa Claus costumes prepared by the organizer are similar to those from 100-yen shops. Cutting the legs and inner liners will make it easier to run.


+The costumes’ provided by the organizer are freely sized, please plan on making necessary adjustments.


+At the start of the relay, runners dressed in full costume will be allowed to begin at the front of the pack.


Children’s Race:

Please dress in accordance with the race’s theme.  Adults participating with their children should also be in costume.