Compulsory Clothing

The purpose of the Santa Claus Marathon is to run and enjoy yourself while dressed as Santa Claus, please join us by wearing the full Santa Claus costume.


Men:◎  full set of Red Santa Claus

         ⚪︎  Santa Claus red hat with red top and the pants in red, white, or  


         ⚪︎   Santa Claus red hat with white top and red pants

     ⚪︎   No hat with red Santa Claus top and pants in red, white or black

         ⚪︎   No hats but top and bottom Santa claus costume

       × No Santa Clause related costume

         ×   No hat, only red T-shirts


Women: basic rules are the same as Men. Pants can be arrangeable to

    the apron, skirt, and so on.


Common Verboten:     -Santa Clause costumes other than red.

                                   -The costume with the colours stands out besides

            red, black or white.

                                   The costume judged not to be appropriate may be

            changed on the day.